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True Health Fitness Staff


Tanya created True Health Fitness for YOU! Tanya and her team look out for your long-term health and happiness - thru accountabilitlity, motivation, consistency and having fun in the process! Tanya definitely has her heart in the right place, and she has the mind to make great things happen!

Tanya is the Owner, Founder, Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist of True Health Fitness. With over 20+ years experience in Fitness and 25+ years in Nutrition, her passion to help you attain your goals is apparent. A dynamic motivator, an inspiration, a successful Trainer who is innovative, genuine, highly driven, fun, friendly and easy-going. We ensure your fitness needs & goals are met!

A seasoned professional whose countless hours and experience working with thousands of clients has earned her the reputation and respect as a reputable Health & Fitness Ambassador within the community!

Tanya's ongoing education and extensive knowledge dissolves the chaos and confusion that Clients tend to feel towards health, fitness and nutrition. Providing realistic guidance, simple guidelines and basic knowledge to achieve your goals - and most likely, go above and beyond them! Instilling in you the confidence to always move forward in progress- to attain any health & fitness goal!

Tanya's Motto: "Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored every step of the way."




A Note from Tanya

"Our commitment, discipline and dedicated attitude towards your fitness goals - will make all workouts challenging, enjoyable and creatively different."

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