True Health Fitness


Pricing is determined by each individual's goal(s). Each client has various needs and goals which require a customized program designed especially for them. This might include Personal Training, Nutrition, Body Composition, In-home visits all depending on the goals and needs of the client.

The fee includes research, preparation, design, customized workouts and includes personal one-on-one floor time. As you can imagine, depending on the program designed for you, consideration is taken into your financial limitations (if any). There are no hidden contracts, fees or costs. Clients stay dedicated because they are happy with their progress, not because they are tied to a certain number of sessions already.

If you are interested in learning more, I offer a Complimentary Consultation. This provides me a clear understanding of your current situation. I will then make an educated suggestion to determine how many sessions you may need to reach your goals and how much it will cost.

I would enjoy meeting with you to talk about what you are looking for, to determine if we are a good fit as a team! It is my pleasure to assist you with your fitness goals and to ensure that you receive the highest quality training available!

to book a Complimentary Consultation