BARRE is an entire body workout that sculpts lean muscle (no bulk). BARRE flattens tummy muscles, de-dimples la derriere, thins thighs, shapes shoulders & tones triceps. And FAST!

TRIM. TIGHTEN. TONE! Designed by Tanya in 1994 - True BARRE was created to naturally enhance & beautify the female physique ~ as it strengthens & lengthens. This technique combines NON-impact moves (no bouncing or jumping so it's gentle on the joints.) BARRE incorporates the ballet barre, playground balls, bands, seat work, thigh work & tiny isolations to create a beautiful feminine shape from head to toe !!! We are proud to be the first to introduce this technique to Canada ~ And now it's taking Hollywood by storm !!! Come see why !!

Cost: $150/month
Duration: 2x/week (8 classes)

Length: 1 hour
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Location: True Health Fitness (Barre Room)